Last year on 4 September 2022, my family and I arrived in New Zealand. We were all happy and excited!


When we came out from the airport it was night time and it was cold. We went straight to our car and drove to our home in New Zealand so we got there quickly. We were all tired so we went to sleep. Early in the morning we all woke up and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Then we got ready to the WareHouse to buy things we needed.


After we bought some things we went to McDonald’s  to eat lunch. Mcdonalds reminds me of Jollibee in the Philippines and I like the McDonald’s fries burger and chicken nuggets.

After eating lunch we went straight home then we watched a movie and It was so long so my mom decided to cook popcorn because the movie was so good. After that my aunt made dinner after cooking, we ate together as a family.

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