Last year on 4 September 2022, my family and I arrived in New Zealand. We were all happy and excited!


When we came out from the airport it was night time and it was cold. We went straight to our car and drove to our home in New Zealand so we got there quickly. We were all tired so we went to sleep. Early in the morning we all woke up and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Then we got ready to the WareHouse to buy things we needed.


After we bought some things we went to McDonald’s  to eat lunch. Mcdonalds reminds me of Jollibee in the Philippines and I like the McDonald’s fries burger and chicken nuggets.

After eating lunch we went straight home then we watched a movie and It was so long so my mom decided to cook popcorn because the movie was so good. After that my aunt made dinner after cooking, we ate together as a family.

My life story



This is my life story. My name is  Francesca and I come from the Philippines. When I was a child, I was very naughty and my mother talked to me about not  being naughty and being a good sister to my brothers. I miss the Philippines and I miss the food there too!


I arrived in New Zealand last year with my whole family. I go to St Patrick’s School now. You know I like New Zealand better now because the teachers  here are so nice and they don’t give us homework. I also like that it’s cold here in New Zealand although I still like the weather in the Philippines. You know that it’s hot in the Philippines all year round.The food in the Philippines is delicious. My favourite food is bitter gourd. It’s bitter but I love it! 


Five years ago, my dad decided to come to New Zealand. We cried when we said goodbye to him at the airport. I felt very sad but I know that dad was going to New Zealand because we needed money for the family.


We would call my dad on the phone almost everyday. Luckily our grandmother and grandfather lived close to us so everyday we would visit them and bring them food  and eat with them. Then we would play with our cousins later on.


During weekdays our mom would take us to school and we just walked to get there and she would come back to pick us up in the afternoon.

School there was hard because we had to do homework  every night.


Then we heard good news that my dad could finally bring us to New Zealand. All of us felt very very happy. We started preparing to come to New Zealand. When we were on the aeroplane my mom and I were just sleeping because we felt dizzy while my dad and my brothers were just eating and watching movies all the way to New Zealand.


My family and I are happy here in New Zealand. I love my new life here.


How animals adapt to their environment?

Animals have adapted their ecosystems and environment since the beginning of time but recently species have been forced to adapt at an increasingly alarming rate. So, how do animals adapt to their environment? We’ll cover everything you need to know, including a few case studies.

Animal adaptations can be observed at any time on every continent in every ocean, and affect every species on the planet. As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus once stated, change is the only constant.” But precisely how do animals adapt to their changing environment and in what ways have humans impacted animals’ abilities to adapt?

An adaptation is an evolutionary response that a species of plant or animal collectively makes over time to address a challenge to its survival.


The Water Cycle?

How does the water cycle work Liquid water evaporates vapour condenses to form clouds and their four stages Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection.p[–

Evaporation occurs when liquid turns into a gas have you ever noticed that when a glass is left on the counter the water  begins to evaporate? it’s evaporation not thirsty. Fairies dwelling in your kitchen. Evaporation is the process by which molecules undergo a spontaneous transition from the liquid.

Condensation is processed by gas. And due to reduction in that energy of its particle the vapour in the air cools, it’s transformed back into liquid this is the opposite of the evaporation of the cloud.

Precipitation is water falls in a liquid or solid state. Rain and snow are probably the most well known types of precipitation but there are others. the temperature. Of the cloud and the air between the cloud and the ground create different kinds of precipitation Rain, hail, sleet, freezing rain.

Collection is this when water that falls from the cloud as. Rain snow hail or sleet collect in the ocean rivers, lake streams. Most will infiltrate  ( soak into ) the ground and will collect us underground water.

Water Cycle?

Water Cycle shows the continuous movement of water within the earth and atmosphere and the water cycle helps to regulate the earth temperature.

And you can create your own mini water cycle and our water cycle can be much older than you think. A water cycle  have a Condensation, Evaporation, Precipitation.

And there a same amount in the earth and as there  was when the Earth was formed.

Water is composed of two Elements hydrogen and Oxygen


an abandoned house!

hi my name is Layla and I am on an adventure I’m with my friends. We were going on a camping trip and my friends  didn’t bring any tents  but we found a house. It looks old and the inside is dirty but we had to because we had to sleep in after I’m so tired so I slept in when I woke up I called my friends. But my friend didn’t answer so I stood up to look for them I looked for my friends all over the house. But I didn’t find them I’m so worried about them and I am alone in them. After that I just ate my breakfast after I ate I did another sleep when I woke up I called  my dad to pick me up then  I just waited for my dad so I could get out of this creepy. House then my dad said he can’t go so I just stay to the creepy house  then I heard a noise It looks a girl crying then it was another room then came up to the bedroom then came up to the girl and it was not a girl it was a ghost and the ghost is scary i ran outside then shout help but no one help and she was  right over me then killed me the end.

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