an abandoned house!

hi my name is Layla and I am on an adventure I’m with my friends. We were going on a camping trip and my friends  didn’t bring any tents  but we found a house. It looks old and the inside is dirty but we had to because we had to sleep in after I’m so tired so I slept in when I woke up I called my friends. But my friend didn’t answer so I stood up to look for them I looked for my friends all over the house. But I didn’t find them I’m so worried about them and I am alone in them. After that I just ate my breakfast after I ate I did another sleep when I woke up I called  my dad to pick me up then  I just waited for my dad so I could get out of this creepy. House then my dad said he can’t go so I just stay to the creepy house  then I heard a noise It looks a girl crying then it was another room then came up to the bedroom then came up to the girl and it was not a girl it was a ghost and the ghost is scary i ran outside then shout help but no one help and she was  right over me then killed me the end.

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